Style Me Some Shimmy



There are many personal design services out there, but not all of them will fit you personally. As a Stylist, I believe it’s very important to be approachable and listen carefully. A client may easily point out what she likes, and what makes her cringe, but creating a form-meets-function balance can prove more challenging for her, especially when it comes to wardrobe and home styling. She wants someone who will simplify matters, develop a specialized mix that resonates with her, and determine what no longer works well – ultimately saving her time and money without losing individuality in the shuffle.

That’s where Style Shimmy comes in. My job is to help identify what truly personifies you – makes you shimmy! – and best reflect those attributes through your clothes and surroundings, in a way that’s non-intimidating, affordable, and fun…regardless of your project’s size.

Let’s get shakin’!