Calling all basics!

We love you for your comfortable feel and easy nature; we can always count on you to be there for us. But, let’s face it, sometimes you can do only so much. That’s when your simplicity humbly allows others to shine, a quality that is particularly appreciated among this season’s ocean of accessory options. There is something for every woman’s (and sometimes ever-changing) mood. Whether we’re feeling down to earth, rocker chic, retro, glam, colorful, or preppy, you always have us covered, keeping us grounded while allowing us to play – and for that we thank you.

The moral of this silly story? You don’t need a closetful of trends. Rather, build a strong foundation of wardrobe basics (I’ll show you how), and then dial up your fabulous (insert fashion adjective) self with a few special accessories that call directly to you, sending a clear message of stylish confidence:

Dial It Up
Dial It Up by style-shimmy

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