summer scene

If the thought of summer’s wrap-up has you feeling a little WAH-waaah…look no further than your recent travel photos (or stay-cation adventures) for pick-me-up color that’s right on forecast for Fall 2012

This past weekend’s day trip to Victoria, BC*, provided LOTS of inspirational hues…from the area’s bevy of natural beauty (at level WOW that day) and historic store fronts…to local art, savory treats, and modern merch:

[*Hey, Seattleites: The Clipper is a great way to play tourist in the PNW. Had a fabulous patio lunch at The Local Kitchen upon arrival in Victoria, followed by fun discoveries at SheShe Bags and Shoes, The Tuscan Kitchen, and Jeune Bros. Tent & Awning Ltd. (yeah, you read it right – they make cool bags out of their fabric remnants – perfect for the beach or farmer’s market!). Of course, no trip to Victoria would be complete without devouring some Roger’s Chocolates (est. 1885, they know a thing or two): The Empress Square, Marzipan, and Almond Brittle (conveniently available in antioxidant-rich dark chocolate) are all to-die-for!]

 So, chin up – good stuff is in store!


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