Land of Nod Smore the Merrier Campfire Set

Seattle is officially out of hibernation and into super summertime mode, creating the best excuse to go outside and soak up sun, fun, and food on a bun (gluten-free of course, ha). Everyone scampers about like crazy with all of this solar energy and the extra daylight to enjoy it (leaving one to wonder: Where did all of these people come from?)! Like kids on break, we cannot wait to have our friends over and hang out around some form of fire. Toss comfy pillows into the mix and you have the perfect outdoor lounge area to get lost in – until there are s’more fixings to seek out!

Can’t decide on a colorway for your own personal paradise? Jump back into art class and take a spin around the color wheel. Start with one of the primary colors – red, blue, yellow – and find its natural opposite across the circle (green, orange, purple). Don’t want to go quite so bold? Then try incorporating complementary partners found on either side of a color, or use different tones of one favorite hue. The key is to create an oasis that feels like an extension of your home, and a welcome rest stop for all.

Gather Around
Gather Around by style-shimmy

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