Getting Warmer introSometimes Seattle’s weather this time of year can leave us guessing what clothes to wear, much like playing a version of the Hot and Cold game (you’re getting warm…warmer…cool…cold!…warmer…ooh, hotter!), trying to determine the proper temp-to-layer ratio. Bright and sunny days can really tease, casting an “It’s Almost Summer!” spell as we stand in front of our closets, making us want to shed our coats (even the word “spring” connotes change) – until we walk outside and realize, oh yeah, it’s only April.

This is the perfect opportunity to get creative, work with lighter-weight items from your fall/winter – even holiday – wardrobe (perhaps a cotton sweater, a lace party skirt, a chambray shirt), and add in a few colorful pieces to form a fresh transitional mix. After all, what’s the hurry? Bathing suit season can wait a just a while longer.


Getting Warmer
Getting Warmer by style-shimmy

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