Have Them at Hello introWe have all heard the phrase: “First impressions are important!” However, when you think about it, the effort should be placed less on impressing someone, and more on choosing the best way to communicate one’s true self. Are you bold or quiet? Active or chill? Colorful or monochromatic? Like most people, you are a mix of a few defining qualities, and knowing how to individually express them can be challenging at times (not to worry, I’m here to help). The same goes for your home, no? Newsflash! There’s a reason why your Pinterest boards are filled with certain visuals, titled a particular way: You have selected favorites that speak to you, make you do your internal happy dance! So, how about integrating elements of that joy into your everyday reality? An easy way to start is with your home’s entryway. Just a few simple updates will not only welcome but will open the book to your great story.

Have Them at Hello
Have Them at Hello by style-shimmy on Polyvore

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