In the Bag intro (bag by Kate Spade)Who doesn’t love an element of surprise, even when it can be somewhat anticipated? Garden bulbs are springing through the dirt (well, hello there!), birds are waking up winter (wow, hadn’t realized how quiet it had gotten around here), and the sky’s light dawdles a tad longer each day (hmm, perhaps I can get away with one less layer?). Maybe it’s the actual anticipation we love, knowing how good these shifts will be. Just as next Sunday’s 85th Academy Awards will leave us chatting about the golden winners, gorgeous gowns, and silly gaffs come Monday, we look forward to the little shake-ups of our everyday routines.

A nominee for Best Wardrobe Changer-Upper this spring goes to the clutch, a seasoned character performer that’s always a scene stealer. Here’s a sneak peek of what we can expect from this fan favorite, seen here in six exciting roles (geometric, colorblocking with neutrals, floral, mixed media, animal print, and metallic) that will surely garner notable attention:

In the Bag


In the Bag by style-shimmy

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