It Is All in the Mix introOne thing many people can find challenging is learning how to go beyond a certain way of doing things. Understandably, we all lead busy lives and some habits are purposefully created to help us streamline our days. Other times, we do things over and over purely because it’s what we have always done, without much thought. For example, you may have found yourself on multiple occasions shopping for and ultimately wearing the same pieces of clothing in the exact same way, which can lead to boredom and flat-out burnout. No, you do not need a whole new wardrobe, and no, you do not need to be a particular size or shape, or conform to a specific way of dressing. As a personal stylist, I encourage clients to try new mixes utilizing their current options, highlighting items that best enhance their silhouette and lifestyle (and saying adieu to those that don’t) while determining what key items would offer additional interest and versatility.

Take for instance a black and white skirt that one has bought and perhaps rarely worn due to its bold pattern, or paired only with more black and/or white. As you can see below, there is no need to feel limited. Whether you connect most with being casual, classic, or glam (or some other style, perhaps just depending upon your mood), you can make almost any piece work for you and how you live. Now, that’s what I call work/life balance!

It's All in the Mix
It’s All in the Mix by style-shimmy

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