NYE 2014Happy 2015! Or rather, Happy REFRESH! After spending the last few months in a head-spinning (albeit fantastic) dizziness of holiday shenanigans, January is like a warm, calming group hug into which we can all melt. With it comes a feeling of simplicity, a need to let go and look forward, by getting in touch with right now. Ahh…

Throughout upcoming posts, I’ll be focusing on singular standouts worth sharing. These will be products, services, or events that have caught my eye and/or have brought joy to my day. After all, what better way to style your life than with nuggets of happiness? Enjoy, and pass along!

Nugget #1:  S’well®

Friends gave me this super S’well® (http://www.swellbottle.com/) stainless steel bottle as a birthday gift this summer, but it wasn’t until just recently that I truly appreciated how well it works. It really does keep beverages hot for 12 hours (and cold for 24), which is important in getting one through 30 degrees of Seattle freeze (no pun intended). Choose from an array of colors and textures, and rest assured that your stylish swill won’t spill as you cruise into your New Year groove.


Swell bottle


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