What are your guilty pleasures this time of year? Fresh hot chocolate with extra whip? Lingering in a steamy, bubbly bath? Devouring a favorite rom-com flick yet again? It’s these little things that can turn an otherwise cloudy day into one of decadent delight. So, the next time you’re thinking:

”What a cold and rainy day

Where on earth is the sun hid away?”

…be sure to make time for some joy. Need a little nudge? Here are some lovely reminders that not everything shaded grey is destined to be gloomy:


Nifty Shades of Grey
Nifty Shades of Grey by style-shimmy featuring bangle watches

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  1. Mara Vollbrecht says: November 8, 2012 • 23:40:29

    Perfect pairings!


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