No Need to Freak Out - intro

What better time than Halloween Week to put on your best warrior face and conquer the ghastly goblins that lurk in your living spaces, cluster up your closets? It is understandable why you may get spooked as you are faced with a gazillion options, uncertain of what to expect or how best to spend your money when updating the look and function of your home or wardrobe. Does your space feel so disorganized, dysfunctional, or just plain blah that you simply want to scream? Do you want to paint but the thought of color and finish selection haunts you? Have you inherited furniture but are feeling lost as to how best to incorporate the pieces? Do you want to take the tiring guesswork (or deadly doldrums) out of getting dressed each day, and feel confident in knowing what key pieces to shop for? It may seem easier at times to just stick your head in the candy bowl – but, fear not! As your personal stylist and go-to guide, I will help make the process feel much more like a sweet treat than a bag of tricks.

First, take a deep breath. Second, contact me and we’ll schedule some time together to alleviate your angst! I offer up to one hour complimentary to meet at your home and discuss your styling needs (and fears) before any services begin, and then work by a reasonably-priced hourly rate. Together we’ll shake things up and find your personalized style groove, tackling that web of confusion.

See? This doesn’t have to be scary.

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