Owning Your Style introDoes the thought of talking personal style scare you? Do you shudder with fright when faced with the plethora of options out there, fearing that you’ll make the “wrong” decision (whatever that is)? It’s time to cast out those ghosts that play tricks in your head, whispering that you must follow a certain set of rules to be more (fill in the blank). Newsflash: You’re more than OK when you’re truly yourself; in fact, people are much more interested in knowing who you really ARE, versus who you believe you SHOULD be. I think back to CRAVESeattle’s Urban Campfire event this past August, where a few hundred female attendees got real about owning our style – not just in appearance but in all aspects of our lives – discovering the yummy nuggets that are our happiness, what make us say, “Heck yeah!”. One speaker, Shasta Nelson, beautifully noted: “It’s really hard to be impactful when you’re shrinking…have a voice, show up, shine BIG while supporting others to shine.” Let your style simply be an expression of who you really are, what you love, what makes you look and feel most confident. Let that story get told through everything you do and the lifestyle extensions of you, such as your wardrobe and home surroundings. The “how” is actually the easy part – I’m here to help! Together we’ll clear those annoying cobwebs, calm your fears, and have you embracing your own personal style story.

So, take a deep breath and…
Dont panic

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