There’s nothing like a FRESH start: Cleaning out the clutter, creating some breathing room, and welcoming new discoveries. Makes us feel good, REAL good.

I’m reminded of this sensation each time I volunteer at Jubilee Women’s Center, a Seattle community housing organization whose program helps single women transition from crisis into fulfilling, self-sufficient living. I assist as one of the Center’s boutique helpers, sorting through donated clothing items, shoes, and accessories, to stock the free shopping area utilized by residents and local shelter clients. Yesterday, one of the ladies was SO excited to discover a pair of like-new boots that were just her size, along with some great skirts and tops for interviewing. She exclaimed, “This feels like Christmas!” as she gave the nearest volunteer a giant hug. Her attitude of gratitude was awesomely infectious, to say the least!


And to think somewhere this: 

Led to this:

Which ultimately led to THIS:

Many Smiles

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with your own…stuff? Together we’ll calm the chaos, and leave you smiling, knowing your “no-longer-works-for-me” items can become someone else’s treasures. I’m happy to bring your clothing donations to JWC and forward your tax-deduction receipt to you.

Have non-clothing items that just don’t fit? Check out The Sharehouse, a great Seattle organization that distributes still-useful household furniture and items to people in need.

Either way, it’s a win-win!

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