We’ve all been there: Seeing something in a fashion mag or on a home design show and wondering how to get from Point A (the beautiful picture in our heads) to Point B (translating such picture into our own lives, with a real budget). “Maybe I’ll try this…or, perhaps this…or should I get that instead?” It can definitely leave a girl feeling like she’s playing a tricky game of Twister®. The solution? Stop trying so hard! Look to what simply makes you feel incredible, what fits YOU (not a trend), and what will make living your everyday life a whole lot easier. Start by listing five things that bring  you joy – that are 100% Shimmy Worthy! – and together we’ll incorporate those special elements into your bigger picture.


Here are some of my personal favorite smile-inducers, in no particular order:

  1. The color yellow (especially paired with grey and white)
  2. A goes-with-everything, navy and white striped t-shirt
  3. Artwork collected from family, local artists, and travels with hubby
  4. The perfect tan leather boot (or handbag, for that matter)
  5. Clean, classic lines mixed with hand-crafted design details
Your turn!