That Is So Classic introWith a New Year often comes bold intentions, fresh starts, and impulses to dance to a radically different tune. That being said, we need not shut the lid on our past hit makers all-together, never letting history repeat itself. Starting over completely from scratch is unnecessary, especially when it comes to one’s wardrobe. Stick with the clothing silhouettes that work best for your body. (Not sure? I’ll be your style guide and take the guesswork out.) Then look for current design details that sing to you. Sometimes all we need to do is press the shuffle button to find the right groove; other times we need to work in some fresh beats to discover a new standout standard. Like any good remix, we begin with tried and true notes, and then twist the arrangement ever so slightly, until we create a pitch-perfect modern classic that updates our personal style playlist.

Straight ahead:  Renewed fan favorites that will surely amp up your closet in 2013. Now, get on down with your sassy self!


Track 1:                 Jumping Through Golden Hoops

Track 2:                 Diggin’ a Great Trench

Track 3:                 You Make Me Blush

Track 4:                 LBD – Little Blue Dress

Track 5:                 Tribal Feet for a City Beat

Track 6:                 She Wore a Raspberry Tote (That Beret is So 1999)

Track 7:                 All Ablaze in Winter White


 A Classic Tale, with a Twist

A Classic Tale, with a Twist by style-shimmy

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