One of the top things to be thankful for this time of year? That inner voice, reminding us softly until it roars: Chill the heck out already! Given that the holiday season kicked off with jack-o-lanterns appearing soon after the last sparkler was lit, and Thanksgiving whirled by as quickly as a “Top Chef: Seattle” quick fire, it’s no wonder that the holidays can feel like elaborate checklist marathons. So, take a break. Breathe. Frolic. (and Repeat!)

Skip a Mall:  Stroll into your local shops and support Small Business Saturday. It’s a great way to show gratitude to those who help make your ‘hood a home.

Make a Call: In this case, a little less action, a little more conversation can be a good thing. Ring up a friend and book your own leisurely play date (that preferably involves some sort of yummy grub).

Deck a Hall: Or a closet (hey, it’s technically a space). Buy something special that will make your everyday shiny and bright.

Most of All, Avoid a Mental Wall: Proclaim a day of Restivus, and do whatever feeds your silly self – even if you swear you don’t have one; trust me, it’s there!

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