Whispering Sweet Ear Candy introCertain days can make you feel like you are going ’round and ’round even before you leave the house, so it is nice to know there are some solid wardrobe classics to keep you rolling along. Take hoop earrings for example: We have all been guilty of grabbing a favorite go-to pair on several occasions, no? There is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps, though, you may want to broaden your options while considering what is classic for you, personally. They may be plain or embellished, continuous or angled, small or large. With so many beautiful hoop designs available now – all creating a great face-framing effect – we can circle in on what complements your individual style best.

Below is a sampling of sweet hoop dreams, shown in a gold finish (aim for a tone that’s closest to the real deal, not overly brassy or shiny). More of a silver girl? No worries, go for what makes you glow most. The key is to choose something versatile that enhances, not over- (or under-) whelms, so you remain the center focus.

Whispering Sweet Ear Candy
Whispering Sweet Ear Candy by style-shimmy

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