About Liz

Hi! My name is Liz Weber. 
My WHY for starting Style Shimmy years ago?

Quite simply, it’s the result of endless fascinations, countless life twists, and going back to the beginning.

I was a creative SoCal kid (essentially a second family) in a conventional household, always observing, letting my imagination run, studying diligently, playing hard, and grooving to Elton John. I favored order and harmony, and found joy in helping others. I loved fashion and design, shopped and toured model homes with my mom, and gardened with my dad. My upbringing was equal parts love, laughter, education, and strong views. Over the years, I worked various jobs and experienced lay-offs, loved and lost, married a wonderful human, tried for kids but couldn’t have them, and eventually questioned my purpose. I was seeking others’ approval more without even realizing it, and played along just to fit in. Nothing much brought me real joy, or so I thought; I just wasn’t backing up enough to see the whole picture.

I needed a shakeup.

I tested the interior design school waters at a good friend’s suggestion, and built upon what I innately already knew and practiced. I started a design consulting business. I volunteered with a local wardrobe charity and helped others get a fresh start. I relocated to Seattle with my husband, worked in boutiques, explored, and did what felt good. I revived my design consulting business. I saw the strong connection between fashion and home, and how they each were personal reflections of people, and began offering wardrobe styling as a service offering. I started to dance again, and found my tribe along the way.  

Years of experience, in all their trial-and-failure glory, have taught me so much. I’m learning to let go of what no longer serves me, and create a space for just the good stuff. There can be a lot of chatter in life, but your inner voice will be clear if you listen closely enough. I want to help you rediscover what makes you feel joyful, confident, beautiful, and at-ease, so you can focus more on what you love. 


Are you ready for your Shimmy Shakeup?