Liz guided me through the process and listened to what I wanted (or thought I wanted) in my house…would have been stressful for me without her expertise and support –
thank you!
— Rachel F.
The best part is that I don’t have to waste time wondering what to wear in the morning and can enjoy those extra minutes snuggling with my baby daughter.
— Alissa J.
Liz launched confidently into my closet and started organizing it into a system that makes sense, finally. She just wants to help you look and feel your best…and she does it. Loved working with her.
— Andrea J.
She was patient, listened to my likes and dislikes, and put together a fabulous design, introduced me to ideas I would not have thought of.
— Tess D.
Can’t recommend Liz enough – you don’t need to be rich, or fashion forward to enjoy dressing and to feel your best
— Anne D.
Not only did I learn how to dress for my body type, coloring and profession, I learned how to find great deals!
— Jean P.
Had my closet organized, gotten rid of really old things, and now I am reaping the rewards. I bought new pieces to go with items that were in my wardrobe but not being utilized. It makes getting ready soooo much easier.
— Betty P.
Liz’s help in getting ready for a cruise was invaluable. She is relaxed, friendly, easy to talk to, and completely understanding and helpful toward someone like me who does not like to shop.
— Jacque M.
‘Wow! Your house looks beautiful!’ I’ve lived in my house 10 years and I’d never heard those words before Liz helped me with paint colors. I’m thrilled with the results, and Liz is a dream to work with.
— Kathleen W.
Best decision I ever made was to hire Liz. She took out all the stress and worry from shopping and let me have fun again in doing something that I had absolutely dreaded.
— Christie M.
Liz is helping me create a new wardrobe that flatters my body and works for my lifestyle. She’s well worth her fee and then some.
— Stefanie S.
She photographed me in each ensemble, complete with the right jewelry and shoes, so that I have a guide to looking good.
— Ruth G.
The best thing I find with Liz is she LISTENS and creates from that place so that you feel GREAT and truly you. She helps you shine!
— Sonya K.
Liz is a whiz, plain and simple! I didn’t need to shop for much, because she took everything I already had, put it together in multiple combinations so I can get up, get dressed, and get on with my life– all while feeling fabulous.
— Karen U.
Liz has been a great choice for me. What I like best about the experience is that she really listened to my needs and helped me find clothes that fit my lifestyle.
— Susanne G.