Shouldn’t personal styling be just that – personal?


It's not about the latest trend, making sure you fit in, looking and living like somebody else. Quite the opposite:

It's about discovering and owning YOUR style,

what floats your boat, what makes your life lighter and your smile bigger, what makes you SHIMMY inside. Every. Day. Not just for special occasions, and definitely not just for someone of a certain age or status. All women are worthy of feeling confident and beautiful!


Wouldn’t it be great to have a go-to stylist who truly gets YOU, and how you live?


Let’s be real, shall we? Most days we’re busy doing our thing, just trying to keep it all together, whatever that means for us. We can easily lose our sense of selves amidst the daily chaos, even joyful chaos. My job as a stylist is not to change you, nor create a certain image.

I’m here to listen, help you reconnect with what makes you feel GREAT,

give you style clarity, and save you precious resources, allowing you to focus on what you love. Together we’ll identify what personifies you, and best reflect those qualities through what you wear and how you live, in a way that’s collaborative and (gasp) FUN – yes, even for you non-shoppers. Especially for you! Consider me your BFF of styling.


You still may be thinking, ‘But, who am I to hire a stylist?’


Why not you? We all have our gifts, and our challenges. You may easily identify what you like and what’s not your jam, when presented with a choice; however, personally creating a mix that balances form and function, without overwhelm or waste, often proves to be more complicated - especially when it comes to your wardrobe or home styling.

I can offer clarity, guidance, value, and most importantly, confidence -

ultimately saving you time and money without losing your individuality in the shuffle. Life's too short to feel anything but truly yourself each day. And you know what? Allowing yourself to shine gives others permission to do the same. How awesome is that?

Let’s shake things up, find your groove!


While it may feel pretty indulgent to hire a personal stylist, it is a practical and efficient investment – literally life changing and well within reach.
— Kathryn C.